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Although its uncontested candidate for Governor has a sophisticated and up to date website, the official site of the New York State Democratic Party is a placeholder announcing that, “A Whole New Site is Coming.” Its been that way for weeks, although in theory this is the most important year for state Democrats since every statewide office –including both US Senate seats- is up this year, as well as control of the State Legislature.

The Republican Party site is fully developed, except for one thing: four months before the election is doesn’t offer any clue as to who the statewide candidates are. That’s because parties are prohibited from spending their own funds in primaries, and the Republicans have them for Governor and for each of the US Senate seats, having left their convention in disarray. Oddly, the site doesn’t promote the party’s uncontested candidate for Attorney General, Dan Donovan, or Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson.

Rounding out the major parties, the Working Families Party has a well-designed page, but the most recent Blog post is from May and the most recent News post is from February. Whether that’s a lack of interest or a deliberate omission –given on-going investigations, which have caused Andrew Cuomo to delay accepting the party nomination- is a matter of speculation.

The Independence Party site’s last post is from June 5th, touting its statewide slate, but its front page offers a definite nod to its Facebook presence. The Conservative Party web presence is pretty basic, focuses on its basic platform and the state legislature, with no mention of its statewide candidates.

Regardless of whether the parties are united or optimistic, one would think that their gubernatorial vote total would be on the top of their minds. Only parties whose candidate gets 50,000 votes are entitled to an automatic ballot position for the following four years, and the higher the vote, the more prominent the ballot position.


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