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Mayor Announces Governors Island Board

A few months ago, the Governor and Mayor agreed to transfer Governors Island from an ESDC subsidiary whose appointees were half from the City and half from the State (with chairmanship rotating between the two sides periodically) to a new

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Charter Commission Meeting Monday

The New York City Charter Revision Commission will hold a meeting on Monday, July 12th at 6PM in the Surrogate’s Court, 31 Chambers Street, Manhattan. At the meeting, the Commissioners will discuss a to-be-released staff report recommending areas on which they

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Power Vacuum in Albany

Energy “Power Plants” “Eliot Spitzer” “David Paterson” “Article X”

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Cool New MTA Video For Infra Fans

The MTA has a new video on its YouTube channel showing work on the project connecting the Jay Street A/C/F station in Brooklyn with the nearby R/N station. The project(.pdf) has been going on for several years and should be

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Campaign public finance in 2013? Don’t bank on it.

The United States Supreme Court has granted a stay(.pdf) preventing the distribution of public matching funds in the Arizona gubernatorial election, pending their decision to hear an appeal from a 9th Circuit opinion upholding the law. Some commentators think it’s

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For a happy 4th of July try Governors Island with Rosanne Cash

“Declaration of Indepence” “Rosanne Cash” “Governors Island” “Governors Island Alliance”

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Land Use on Charter Commission Agenda?

The New York City Charter Revision Commission has concluded its round of issue hearings, having moved from term limits to non-partisan elections and the role of various elected official, like the Public Advocate and Borough Presidents, to the City’s land

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BQE Path to Growth Won’t Be Through My Backyard

The New York State Department of Transportation has started public outreach on plans to rebuild or replace a section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway that runs along the edge of Brooklyn Heights, including a section that extends into the air off a

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