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Cyber – Identity Theft: Our Children At Risk

Our Global Insurance Group Just Issued this Alert! entitled: "Identity Theft: Our Children At Risk." We hope you find this information beneficial and informative. Interviewing for your first job as a teenager is as exciting as it is intimidating. Thoughts

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New posts after Labor Day, or before if the muse strikes. Enjoy the rest of the summer. About The Author

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Bloomberg for Sestak

Mayor Mike Bloomberg went to Philadelphia today to support Democrat Joe Sestak‘s bid for the US Senate from Pennsylvania. David Bronston and I were there. Sestak defeated Arlen Specter for the Democratic party nomination after Specter switched his affiliation from

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EXCLUSIVE Brad Lander on Charter Legislation

The Charter Revision Commission, as predicted, has decided to pass on major changes to the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedures for this year. But political nature abhors a vacuum and City Council Brad Lander may try to fill it.

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Sustained Sustainabilty Effort At ConEd

ConEd released their 2009 Sustainability Report. The full report is only available on the web, with a "condensed" version available in print. By going digital, ConEd says they saved- 86,168 gallons of water 9,882 pounds of solid waste 180 million

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Cyber Security Alter

Lest one question the severity of the evolving challenges in our rapidly growing cyber world, President Obama has crystallized it succinctly: (1) "cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation;"

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Bloomberg Statement on Lower Manhattan Mosque

The Mayor chose Governors Island as the venue to speak out against religious bias in the wake of the lower Mahattan mosque controvery. Here’s the release from City Hall: MAYOR BLOOMBERG DISCUSSES THE LANDMARKS PRESERVATION COMMISSION VOTE ON 45-47 PARK

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Third Way for the Internet?

In response to some recent court decisions, the Federal Communications Commission has edged towards a "Third Way" of regulating Internet providers. Our partner, David Bronston, just published an analysis of this approach(.pdf) in the New York Law Journal. About The

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NY Court of Appeals Selection Panned

James Gardiner has published a law review article(.pdf) panning the method of selecting New York State Court of Appeals judges. After a trial lawyer named Jacob Fuchsberg came close to defeating the then Chief Judge through a self-funded campaign, and the following

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