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In the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy considerable debate has been devoted to a discussion of the vitriolic and venomous nature of our political rhetoric.  Two observations about that particular focus are instructive.  First, at least two other factors were

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First, End The Acronyms!

The American public clearly is dissatisfied with government, but not, I believe, because the public understands what the government is doing and disagrees with it. The public is at odds with the "bureaucracy" because government is fundamentally inaccessible and nearly

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What to Watch: Ken Fisher interviews Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer on CUNY-TV’s CityWide

 A new episode of CityWide with Ken Fisher will air on CUNY-TV (cable channel 75 in New York City) on Wednesday, January 19.  CityWide is a dynamic talk show for New Yorkers who care deeply about their city.  Continuing this season’s

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Government Contractors Face Drastically Shrinking Pie: Keep Your Share

Government contractors sharpen your knives.  You’re going to be competing for fewer dollars.  The President has frozen federal employee pay.  The Republicans are waging war on government spending. The President’s Deficit Reduction Commission has been hard at work trying to

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