Government Contractors Face Drastically Shrinking Pie: Keep Your Share

Government contractors sharpen your knives.  You’re going to be competing for fewer dollars.  The President has frozen federal employee pay.  The Republicans are waging war on government spending. The President’s Deficit Reduction Commission has been hard at work trying to create a blueprint for a better fiscal future.

While entitlements — social security, Medicare, etc. — are the linchpin of fiscal reform, cutting other federal spending matters a great deal in terms of the optics of deficit reduction.  This adds up to the need for government to do more with less. That’s certainly true at the state government level as well.

Businesses that depend on government for business need to be more competitive when it comes to bidding for government contracts. I recently wrote an article (click for link) published on entitled, "How to Win Government Contracts." The article provides a road map for contractors that need to sharpen their focus in this environment. In short, companies can gain a huge leg up on their competitors with a combination of marketing, information gathering, strategically drafted proposals, and sound contract management. Sound simple?  It’s easier than you think. 

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