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Paul Ryan’s Plan to Expand Opportunities

One of the ways in which Speaker Ryan’s agenda has differed from conventional Republican legislative priorities is in his focus on fighting poverty and expanding opportunity. He believes that conservative policies can help the poor and middle class, and he

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Mark Alderman on Fox Business

Watch the Chairman of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, Mark Alderman, talk about the two Democratic front-runners for the Presidential nomination. Should Clinton be concerned about an indictment? What does Sanders have that Clinton doesn’t? See what Mark has to say

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Join Our Next Presidential Prognostication Call – March 17!

2016 Presidential Prognostications and Insights Mark Alderman, Howard Schweitzer, and Blake Rutherford host our next 2016 Presidential Prognostications and Insights call and will discuss the March 15 primaries and the state of the election, as well as some key senate races.

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Global Tax Environment in 2016 and Implications for International Tax Reform

International corporate tax reform has become a salient issue recently due in part to numerous high-profile corporate inversions, most recently the merger between Johnson Controls and Ireland-based Tyco International. Inversions occur when a corporation relocates to a lower-tax nation by

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