Will Firing His Campaign Manager Help or Hurt the Trump Campaign?

Mark Alderman and Jim Schultz discussed presidential polling and a change up in the Trump campaign on NBC10 news on June 20. Trump recently fired his campaign manager, which Jim says “helps the campaign” and isn’t “as big of an issue as some  are making it.” Jim added that, “We saw Paul Manafort getting more involved in the campaign throughout the end of the primary cycle. Corey Lewandowski did a great job in the primary cycle, didn’t have to spend a lot of money, got his candidate elected, there were 17 candidates across the board and his guy won. But for the general election cycle it’s a different game and he’s going to put together a different team to get it done.” Conversely, Mark says, “Trump’s ship is taking on water and the question is whether firing Lewandowski is going to right that sinking ship or just blow another hole in hull. We’ve seen very little evidence that Donald Trump is mature enough to run a responsible campaign. I don’t see this helping much but I do not underestimate Donald Trump’s tenacity. He’s going to lie to the American people until the last vote is counted.”

To watch the full clip, click here.

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