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7 Reasons Why Trump Would Hate Being President [Politico]

In an op-ed “7 Reasons Why Trump Would Hate Being President” published byPolitico Magazine, Howard Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, writes about how Donald Trump may actually feel about the duties and restrictions of being POTUS. There have been various

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Trump and Clinton Continue to Offer Very Differing Approaches to Campaigning

Blake Rutherford joined “Making Money with Charles Payne” on Fox Business News to discuss the presidential campaign and recent developments related to Trump’s social media antics and Hillary Clinton’s campaign approach. Blake commented on the problems that Trump’s Twitter use has caused, saying

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Pennsylvania Likely Remains a Democratic Stronghold

In a Wall Street Journal article discussing whether Pennsylvania remains a definite win for the Democrats in the 2016 presidential election, I explained what the Hillary Clinton campaign must do in order to secure the state in their favor. Expanding on the notion

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Gotham City vs. Reaganesque Optimism

In a US News article by Susan Milligan,”A Tale of Two Countries,” I discussed the different portrayals of the United States as depicted by the Republicans and Democrats during their respective conventions. Noting the stark contrast between the two parties, I explained

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