Gotham City vs. Reaganesque Optimism

In a US News article by Susan Milligan,”A Tale of Two Countries,” I discussed the different portrayals of the United States as depicted by the Republicans and Democrats during their respective conventions. Noting the stark contrast between the two parties, I explained that Republicans “have radically different views of what this country is, even if they don’t live in the country they present. They present a country from a ‘Batman’ movie, Gotham City with roving bands of criminals and corrupt cops. The citizens are helpless victims, and only a billionaire can save them. That’s not even where they live, let alone how the rest of us live.”

The article also examined voter trends and how turnout at the polls on election day would ultimately make the most significant impact. On this topic, I commented, “Demographically this country cannot elect Donald Trump if every single eligible voter were to show up at the polls. There’s more of us than them. But every single one of them is going to vote, and that’s not true of us. How can he win? He can win by not enough of us showing up.”

Read the full article here.

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