7 Reasons Why Trump Would Hate Being President [Politico]

In an op-ed “7 Reasons Why Trump Would Hate Being President” published byPolitico MagazineHoward Schweitzer, managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, writes about how Donald Trump may actually feel about the duties and restrictions of being POTUS. There have been various conjectures that Donald Trump may be sabotaging his own campaign and in this piece, Howard writes, “As outlandish as that may seem on its face, there are reasons that it may very well be true. Should he win, Trump will loathe the next 1,460 days of his life.” Before presenting the reasons, Howard said, “As someone who has never worked in Washington, never obtained a security clearance, never received an ethics briefing, and never assembled a team of experienced policy aides, Donald Trump will be in for the shock of his life when he realizes starting January 20, 2017 just how much harder – and different – running a government is from running a private business. The Republican nominee will hate the presidency, so much so that even if he won the White House, he would be sorely tempted to quit before his term even ends.”

In reason number 2 regarding Trump’s potential frustration with Congress, Howard references his own government experience. He writes, “I know from my firsthand experience as the program’s chief operating officer that when it was created in October 2008 the bailout was not simply a matter of executive prerogative. The president and his Treasury secretary couldn’t just snap their fingers and execute – and in this instance the security of the financial system was hanging in the balance.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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