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Unintended Consequences

The only immutable law of the universe, political as well as physical, is the law of unintended consequences. History is replete with examples of leaders heading off in one direction only to find themselves elsewhere. It’s sort of Heisenberg’s uncertainty

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Tea Party 1.0

United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada recently told Matt Lauer in a televised interview that the Tea Party would fade from prominence and eventual existence as soon as the economic recovery reached a satisfactory level of prosperity.

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A Day In The Life

Women in the workforce with small children at home have extraordinary demands on their time (no matter how helpful their husbands). This fact becomes especially public when the woman in question is a United States Senator. All Senators travel between

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The Age Of Reagan

Listening to the State of the Union address two weeks ago, I was struck by the wisdom of my friend Brian’s recent rant about political dialogue in this country. According to Brian, the dominant political figure in the United States

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Clinton versus Obama

As the 112th Congress gets down to business and the new arithmetic of the Republican House becomes a fact, President Obama is receiving advice from the pundit class that he should emulate the 1995 “move to the middle” strategy of

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