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Health Care Reform Implementation Update – December 4, 2012

HHS is quickly moving to implement the Affordable Care Act.  Rules are out in the past two weeks that charge insurance companies to participate in federal exchanges, prohibit discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, detail essential health benefit requirements, and expand

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Health Care Reform Implementation Update – August 1, 2012

Over the past week, analysts at the Congressional Budget Office said they expect that the Supreme Court’s decision, which struck down the requirement that states expand their Medicaid programs, will result in 3 million more uninsured and reduce costs by

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Health Care Reform Implementation Update July 3, 2012

The Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in a landmark 5-4 decision, which prompted many in business, the administration and states around the country to proceed with the Act’s implementation, while others are preparing for a

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Campaign public finance in 2013? Don’t bank on it.

The United States Supreme Court has granted a stay(.pdf) preventing the distribution of public matching funds in the Arizona gubernatorial election, pending their decision to hear an appeal from a 9th Circuit opinion upholding the law. Some commentators think it’s

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